Concept validation.

Understand how your offering performs with consumers so you can optimise it before launch.

To ensure products and services are both appealing and relevant to your target audience, understanding consumer reactions is key.

Concept validation allows you to build a detailed understanding of how your current and target customers feel about the core aspects of your offering before it’s launched in-market.

Using a range of qualitative and / or quantitative techniques, we can help brands understand appeal at an overall level, as well as identifying particular aspects to improve further. This can take the form of a simple or detailed online survey, an online community or a programme of focus groups.

We’ll help you understand what’s resonating with consumers, what’s falling flat and most importantly, why this is the case. By digging into these areas with consumers, we can help you understand how to optimise your concept so that it is a hit with its target audience. By helping you to focus in on the areas that matter most and to get these right ahead of the launch, we’re able to set your product or service up for success.

The impact concept validation can have on your business:

Identify the key areas for development

Understanding what consumers like or dislike about your product or service will allow you to prioritise the areas that need to be optimised before launch.

Develop market-leading products and services

Understanding likes and dislikes is just the first step. The validation process also identifies how to address the key issues, helping you to refine your product or service so that it meets consumer needs.

Create clarity in your communications

Getting consumers’ views on your product and services will help you to develop a clear value proposition so you can talk about your offering in a way that resonates with your target audience.

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