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Money Matters: A Summary of 6 Fintech Trends Redefining Finance.

The fintech industry is a leader in innovation, focused on meeting changing consumer needs. This sector is being shaped by consumer preferences, which guide how financial services are developed, provided, and consumed. Our latest trend report, “Money Matters: 6 Fintech Trends Redefining Finance,” delves into six pivotal trends highlighting this transformative journey.  Here’s a brief […]


Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Market Research During Times of Uncertainty.

Market research is crucial for companies of all sizes when introducing new campaigns, products, or service lines. While some companies may consider market research too expensive, cumbersome, or unnecessary, particularly in uncertain times, it is important to understand that market research is the foundation of any successful marketing initiative. Market research lowers risk during times […]


Market Entry into Indonesia.

Indonesia is a vibrant archipelago representing Southeast Asia’s cultural diversity and economic prowess. With its unique blend of people, traditions, and geography, it’s no wonder global brands are flocking to this intriguing market. It’s the fourth most populous nation in the world, with over 270 million inhabitants, and home to a dynamic economy buoyed by […]


Maximising Insights with CATI.

Imagine a market research team conducting a nationwide survey to determine consumer preferences for a new line of smart home devices. The survey is conducted over the phone using Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). The system guides interviewers through a structured questionnaire that adapts to respondent answers, allowing for rich data collection. Project manager Alex monitors […]

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The Growing Influence of AI in Market Research in India.

The world is changing rapidly, and India is no exception. With its diverse consumer base, booming economy, and increasing digital penetration, the Indian market presents unique challenges and opportunities for market research. The traditional methods of gathering and analysing data are not enough anymore, especially with the massive amount of online information. This is where […]


The IoT Revolution in Customer Engagement.

Can you imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee without lifting a finger? Or receiving a reminder from your fridge to grab milk on your way home?  The Internet of Things (IoT) era has brought everyday objects to life in a connected world that transforms how we live our daily lives. And […]


How Elections Shape Market Dynamics and Consumer Preferences.

The interplay between politics and economics is not a new concept. Still, its implications on consumer behaviour and business strategy have become increasingly pronounced in the globalised market of the 21st century.  Elections are not just about who gets to hold office; they reflect the public’s priorities, concerns, and values. These, in turn, inform the […]


4 Luxury Market Trends to Watch in 2024 and Beyond.

The world of luxury products is always fascinating, but it’s not immune to economic unpredictability. While LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) successfully grew revenue by 9% from the previous year in 2023,  Kering, a French-based multinational corporation that houses brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen in the French luxury group lost […]


Bridging the divide between online and offline grocery shopping.

Do you ever feel frustrated when you know your favourite beverage is available on the store’s shelf but not on your grocery app?  As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, providing a seamless shopping experience can be challenging, but today’s shoppers expect it to be similar both online and in-store. Let’s say you’re an innovative […]