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Everything you need to know about creating marketing personas.

Personas in marketing are fictional characters that represent a brand’s target customer. They are created based on market research and data and help a brand better understand its target audience to create more effective marketing strategies.  The concept of marketing personas has its roots in the field of market research, dating back to the early […]


Everything you need to know about focus groups.

Focus groups are a market research method where a small, diverse group of participants are brought together to discuss a specific topic or product. Focus groups gather qualitative data and gain insights into consumer attitudes, opinions, and behaviours. Focus groups are also known by other terms such as “group interview” or “group discussion,” and they […]


Listen Up: The benefits of social listening for brands.

Social listening in market research refers to the process of monitoring and analyzing conversations and mentions of a brand or product on social media platforms. It allows companies to understand consumer sentiment, identify trends and opportunities, and track the performance of their marketing campaigns.  Social listening is also known as social media monitoring or online […]

usage and attitude studies

A complete understanding of Usage and Attitude Research Studies

Usage and attitudes studies are a type of market research focusing on understanding how consumers use a product or service and their attitudes and perceptions towards it. Usage and attitudes studies are commonly known by the acronym U&A and are sometimes called “usage and satisfaction studies” and “usage and performance studies.”  Typically, teams within a […]

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The essential guide to brand awareness research.

Brand awareness is the level of familiarity and recognition a consumer has with a particular brand or product. It is typically measured by asking consumers if they are familiar with a brand and if they can recognise it when presented with it. Brand awareness is also known as brand recognition or brand recall. The responsibility […]


The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies.

Pricing is a critical component of the marketing mix. Think about what drives shoppers to purchase a product or service. Is it brand value, product quality, level of customer service provided, design, or price?  According to research, 60 percent of online shoppers globally consider pricing as the first criterion affecting their buying decision. In tough […]


Our most-read articles and posts of 2022.

2022 may be in the rearview mirror, but we wanted to look back at our most visited posts and articles for the year. Researchers are naturally curious people, so here are the pages you sort out the most in the past year. The benefits of market segmentation When you know, you grow! Segmentations can guide […]


Our best trend reports of 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, we see the rise of the cautious consumer in an inflationary economy fraught with rising costs of living and uncertainty. Today’s consumers have adopted new behaviours worldwide, wanting hybrid experiences and engaging with sustainable and purpose-driven brands.  Here we have compiled our best trend reports and guides that look […]

artisan ecommerce

The Impact of eCommerce on the Handmade Industry

If you want a crocheted sweater or a bespoke engraved cutting board but need help finding an artisan, you might turn to platforms like Etsy that connect buyers with artisans on their eCommerce platforms.  The last decade has brought a massive consumer shift in mindset. Consumers today care about where their products come from, who […]


Concept Testing: How Brands design and launch winning products 

Product managers and designers frequently get requests to design new products and add new features to existing products, making it difficult to determine which ideas to invest in for the best outcome.  This is where concept testing comes into play.  Concept testing ideas and even features for existing products before moving into implementation and design […]