Market research in Japan – our capabilities.

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we are the go-to partner for market research in Japan

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We help brands conduct market research in Japan so that they can succeed in this challenging market. Understanding cultural context and ensuring proper localisation are especially important for brands wanting to target the Japanese market. Drawing on our local knowledge, we work with local and multinational firms on full-service market research projects that help them get closer to Japanese consumers and create products, services and campaigns that meet their needs. We can also work with businesses as a fieldwork partner, helping them to reach the right respondents across Japan.

We have a long history of conducting market research in Japan – and have had offices here for 17 years, spanning multiple cities. We’ve worked on a range of client challenges, most recently helping Bloomberg to understand how B2B decision makers’ priorities are changing as a result of COVID-19.

We have one of the largest online panels of any market research agency in Japan. We’re also a trusted partner for face-to-face research– from our interview rooms in Tokyo, we conduct over 1,300 groups and 300 central location tests each year.


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How do you facilitate communication with our Japanese customers and stakeholders?

Our team speak both Japanese and English, meaning that we can moderate in the local language, and help embed learnings across your business – regardless of the language your team speaks.  We can run debriefs with your Japan branch in Japanese to make sure all the key stakeholders are on the same page or do so in English to reach colleagues across multiple countries.

What methodologies do you offer in Japan?

We offer a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies – spanning everything from focus groups and in-depth interviews, shop-alongs and mystery shopping right through to online quantitative studies. We’ll propose the best methodology to maximise your research investment based on the project objectives.

Do you have experience in my industry?

Our team has experience across a wider range of industries for both B2C and B2B research. This includes automotive, consumer electronics, consumer goods, IT, media and healthcare, where we have our own dedicated team and panel.

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