Market research in Europe – our capabilities.

From Amsterdam to Zagreb, we are the go-to partner for market research in Europe

We help brands conduct market research in Europe so they can stand out and succeed across multiple markets in this competitive region. We partner with brands on full-service market research projects to help them get closer to customers and launch standout products and communications strategies that will see them thrive across multiple markets. We can also work with organisations as a fieldwork partner, helping to reach the right respondents in any European market.

From our base in London, we conduct market research across Europe, helping clients to understand the nuances of each market and how best to accelerate growth in their target countries. We’ve helped Mitsubishi understand how its vehicles are being used in the UK and worked with Unilever Food Solutions to launch a range of multi-market products.

We carry out fieldwork across Europe ourselves wherever possible, making the most of our team’s range of language skills – between us in the UK, we speak 15 languages. Our in-house call centre prides itself on its breadth of audience and market coverage, conducting 7,000 interviews per year and recruiting 3,500 participants for qualitative studies. All of this means we can run projects with B2B and consumer audiences for your brand, in all corners of Europe.


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Do you conduct fieldwork yourselves across different markets?

Thanks to our multi-lingual team and in-house call centre, it means we can carry out qualitative and quantitative interviews ourselves across a range of different European markets. This means our team are as close as they can be to your target audience and the emerging insights, helping to identify market trends.

When you’re conducting multi-market studies, how do you maintain consistencies in approach?

We regularly help clients with projects across multiple European markets, all centrally managed and controlled from our UK office. This means we can run consistent briefings for all moderators and collate progress. We acknowledge the rich nuances of each market and how vital it is not to generalise for your brand, visiting every market to add a contextual layer to the findings where possible. What’s more, we are committed to ensuring data quality and integrity across markets, having achieved the ISO 20252 accreditation. 

Do you have experience with consumers and B2B audiences?

We can help you reach both consumers and B2B audiences – and often both together within the same project. Our UK call centre have a wealth of experience spanning senior stakeholders through to rural farmers and understand the intricacies of tailoring the research to each audience type.

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