Developing a future-focused digital product strategy for Wall Street Journal

A mixed methodology approach helped Wall Street Journal understand how to position the brand for success in a rapidly changing world.

The challenge

Wall Street Journal is one of the most respected newspaper brands globally. But like many other sectors, media is undergoing rapid digital transformation. The Wall Street Journal wanted to understand how its digital experience was perceived and how it could be optimised going forwards.

What we did

We embarked on the Wall Street Journal’s biggest ever piece of consumer research at the time, engaging over 5,000 respondents, spanning current, lapsed and prospective customers. To understand perceptions of and attitudes towards the Wall Street Journal and its digital products, we used a range of methodologies, including surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews. By combining this with passive tracking, and UX testing, we were able to go beyond what consumers say, and understand how they really interact with Wall Street Journal’s digital portfolio.

The impact of the research

As a result of the research, Wall Street Journal has been able to better understand the role and interplay of its products and identify opportunities for further development to drive retention and acquisition. This has been translated into a new digital product strategy, that has shaped decisions on everything from the products and formats the Wall Street Journal produces, right through to the user experience.

Kadence were an excellent partner on this project; they took time to really understand our business challenges, and developed a research approach that would tackle the exam question from all directions.  The impact of the work is still being felt now, several years later.

Customer Intelligence Director
Wall Street Journal
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