Demonstrating the positive impact of CSR programmes on brand perceptions across Asia for Samsung

A comprehensive piece of research to validate Samsung’s CSR efforts in 9 markets, thereby confirming the importance of such initiatives and their positive impact on brand perceptions.


The challenge

Samsung as a global tech entity has been offering cutting-edge consumer electronic products for years. At the same time, Samsung has been proactive in terms of its efforts at various community engagement activities, making sure that the company gives back to communities in different markets. Samsung wanted to know what kind of impact its CSR programme has on the brand.

What we did

We worked with Samsung to carry out a quantitative study across 9 markets (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam) with 2,000 respondents in total. We also worked with Samsung to translate the study’s findings into marketing messages and PR angles to help the company demonstrate the value of the work it does.

The impact of the research

The study resulted in external press coverage which communicated the brand positively, as well as internal validation of such initiatives within the organization. Overall, it re-affirmed Samsung’s belief that ‘doing good’ can be a win-win, both for communities as well as the brand.

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