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9 Most Effective Methods for International Market Research

Considering expanding into an overseas market? If so, you’ll need to do international market research, and there are many different methods involved. The difference between good and bad market research can make the difference between the success and failure of your product, and this is even more true when launching in foreign markets. All the […]


Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important tasks for any business is making sure your customers are satisfied. Without customers, your business is nothing, and dissatisfied customers are unlikely to stay customers for long. There are many ways to measure how satisfied your customers are with your current products, service, and brand. This article will take a […]

India market

The Future of Market Research in India.

The market research industry in India is thriving, but it is not without its’ own challenges and complexities. Size of the Market Research industry in India According to Statista, the size of the market research industry globally is around US$74 billion, with more than half (US$47 billion) coming from within the U.S. At roughly Rs.1500 […]


Food and Beverage Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond

Download the summary of our latest report The pandemic has led to irreversible changes in consumer behavior. As consumers stayed home for the better part of 2020, they have formed a new set of preferences, habits, and F&B expectations.  Today, what consumers are looking for from the food and beverage industry is very different from […]

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Towards a New Business World – 2021 and Beyond —A Summary of Our Latest Report

Exploring the priorities of APAC’s business decision-makers —past, present, and future  Download the summary of our latest report The global business community was hit hard in 2020, with COVID-19 creating unprecedented challenges for organisations worldwide.  Supported by Kadence International, Bloomberg Media embarked on a research program with 3800 executive business decision-makers in six markets across […]


Speed Bumps on the Road to Change: Automotive Trends For 2022

Download the summary of our latest report The automotive industry has a clear, shared vision of a dramatically transformed future with electronic vehicles, autonomous vehicles, connected cars, shared ownership, and subscriptions. But are consumers ready to transition just yet? The pandemic has changed how much people travel, and this leaves us with the big question: […]