Our Most Read Articles and Blogs of 2023.

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As we enter 2024, it’s time to reflect on the knowledge and insights we’ve gathered over the past year. We’ve compiled a list of our most read and sought-after blog posts from 2023. Let’s revisit these highlights and see what piqued the research community’s interest the most in the past year.

Everything you need to know about Focus groups.

Learn everything you need to know about focus groups. Explore how they are used across various fields like sociology, psychology, and market research. Discover how they are valuable for gaining nuanced consumer insights, complementing other research methods like surveys.

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Why Gen Z Values Sustainability.

Get tips for marketing to Gen Z, an environmentally conscious generation. Gen Z grew up with climate change as a pressing issue, leading to a solid commitment to sustainability. Learn how brands must prioritise sustainability in their practices and transparently communicate their efforts to appeal to Gen Z. The article offers strategies such as using sustainable materials in product development and engaging with Gen Z on social media to build a loyal customer base that values eco-friendly practices.

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Understanding Consumer Segments in the Automotive Industry.

Get a comprehensive analysis of different consumer types in the automotive market. This blog categorises car buyers into nine distinct personas, each with unique preferences, priorities, and motivations. These personas range from environmentally conscious buyers to luxury seekers, illustrating varied influences on purchasing decisions. The article is an insightful resource for automotive industry professionals seeking to tailor their marketing and sales strategies to diverse consumer segments.

For a detailed exploration, you can read the comprehensive guide here.

Understanding the Importance of Staying Ahead of the Competition.

Learn the importance and methods of competitive intelligence (CI) gathering in business. This article covers the history, methodologies, legal and ethical considerations, and the impact of modern technology on CI. It also explores the roles of in-house teams and market research firms in CI gathering.

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How to calculate market potential.

Our expert guide offers insights into estimating the potential of new markets for brands. It discusses the need for a detailed market analysis, including market sizing, trends, growth rate, and profitability. The comprehensive guide emphasises using quantitative and qualitative research, competitor analysis, and understanding consumer behaviour for more accurate market potential estimation. It also underlines the importance of analyzing costs related to market entry and maintaining a balance between potential sales and profitability.

For a comprehensive understanding, you can read the full guide here.

The Role of Brand Perception in Product Marketing.

Discover the critical importance of brand perception in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Our blog emphasises how customer perception of a brand significantly impacts their buying behaviour and loyalty. We showcase the challenges of maintaining a positive brand perception in the social media era, requiring deep customer understanding and consistent brand representation across all touchpoints. It also details how market research provides insights into customer perceptions, aiding in shaping and improving brand perception for competitive advantage.

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Ethnography – the benefits of researching in the field.

Explore the advantages of ethnographic research in understanding social and cultural phenomena. This qualitative research method provides in-depth insights into human behaviour and practices through immersion and observation. Learn about ethnography’s origins in anthropology and its application in various fields like marketing. The blog underscores the significance of ethnography in offering a comprehensive understanding of customer motivations and behaviours, which is essential for product development and enhancing user experience.

For a detailed overview, you can read the full article here.

UX vs. CX research —what’s the difference?

Discover the distinction between User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) research. The article outlines the different methods and goals of UX and CX research, emphasising their importance in business success.

For a detailed exploration, you can read the full article here.

Unveiling the Power of Brand Visual Audit.

Learn the importance of a brand visual audit in aligning its visual elements with its identity and values. Our blog explains how visual audits assess logos, colours, typography, imagery, and layout across various brand touchpoints for consistency and effectiveness. We explain the role of visual audits in enhancing brand perception, reflecting brand evolution, and improving brand recognition. It also guides conducting a visual audit and maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

For a detailed exploration, you can read the full article here.

Prime Time All the Time with Connected TV Ads.

Explore the shift toward Connected TV (CTV) advertising in our blog as it highlights the benefits of CTV over traditional linear TV, including targeted audience reach and high engagement. Our blog outlines strategies for effectively planning and implementing CTV campaigns, emphasising the importance of data-driven insights and contextual targeting. It also delves into the future trends of CTV advertising, underscoring its growing significance in digital marketing.

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Exploring the Benefits of Predictive Analytics.

Uncover predictive analytics in market research and how it uses statistical algorithms and machine learning to analyze historical data and predict future trends. Our article highlights its evolution, applications, and impact on business decision-making. It also addresses the challenges and best practices in implementing predictive analytics, emphasising its role in enhancing accuracy in forecasting, identifying trends, predicting customer behaviour, and optimising pricing strategies.

For a detailed understanding, you can read the full article here.

Usage and Attitude Studies – Everything You Need to Know.

Learn the significance of Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies in market research. Our in-depth article covers the objectives and methodology of U&A studies, highlighting their role in understanding market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and the competitive landscape. The article emphasises U&A studies as foundational tools for informed marketing, product development, and brand strategy decision-making. It also outlines the processes of conducting these studies, from initial data immersion to detailed consumer analysis.

For an in-depth understanding, you can read the full article here.

A Deep Dive into Consumer Behaviour in the Beauty Industry.

Explore the evolving and growing beauty industry and the importance of understanding consumer demographics and psychographics for effective product marketing. This guide discusses the influence of factors like age, gender, socioeconomic background, and personal values on consumer behaviour in the beauty sector. It also highlights the need for brands to adapt to inclusivity, sustainability, and digital engagement trends to resonate with diverse consumer groups.

For more details, you can read the full article here.

Visual Brand Analysis: How Imagery Shapes Perception.

Explore the impact of visual branding on audience perception. Our blog delves into the components of visual brand analysis, examining elements like logos, colour schemes, and typography. The blog emphasises the importance of imagery in conveying brand personality and values and its role in establishing brand recognition and emotional connection with consumers. It also discusses maintaining visual consistency across different platforms to build brand loyalty and trust.

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A Strategic Guide to Expanding Your Brand in the Chinese Market.

Read our comprehensive guide to entering the Chinese market with this blog post. It discusses navigating cultural nuances, understanding the complex regulatory terrain, and recognising market trends. The article emphasises the importance of tailored market research, strategic planning, and local partnerships. It also covers the significance of adapting marketing strategies to local preferences and managing logistical challenges, highlighting the potential rewards and risks of expanding into this dynamic market.

For more insights, you can read the complete guide here.

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