Focus group market research.

Delve deeper to truly understand your consumer segments and find new ways to meet their needs.

Focus Group

Understanding customers across different target segments or slices of the population is crucial for any business. Focus groups are a powerful tool for building a rich understanding so you can place customers at the heart of your strategy.

We work with businesses to run focus groups that help them get closer to their current and target customers. By tapping into the power of group dynamics, we can uncover rich insights around attitudes and behaviors, and explore underlying motivations, need states, and perceptions.

We know that effective moderation is key to the success of any focus group. That’s why each and every one of our focus groups is run by experienced moderators with the energy and cultural understanding needed to unlock powerful, new insights for your business. Our moderators think carefully about how to structure each group, using a range of qualitative insights to elicit nuanced and creative insights. Moreover, we’re skilled at fostering the right group dynamic to encourage respondents to bounce ideas off each other, helping generate fresh ideas that could provide direction for campaigns, creative or new concepts.

Our innovative approach extends beyond the traditional confines of focus groups. We implement state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure each session is maximally productive. By incorporating digital platforms and interactive elements, we provide participants with a conducive environment to articulate their perspectives, thereby enriching the quality of feedback we gather. In a world where customer preferences evolve rapidly, our focus groups are designed to be agile and adaptable, seamlessly fitting into your business’s broader market research framework.

Furthermore, post-session analysis is of paramount importance to us. Our team meticulously sifts through the discussions, deciphering patterns and nuances that might elude a cursory glance. This data-driven approach ensures that our insights are actionable and relevant, aligning perfectly with your brand’s objectives. Our end-to-end service ensures that your brand is equipped with knowledge that drives impactful decisions from the planning phase to the delivery of insights.

The impact focus groups can have on your business:

Better target your customer segments

By uncovering attitudes and patterns of behaviors at a segment level, we’re able to help you deepen your understanding and identify opportunities for your business.

Create positioning messages that resonate across segments

Understanding target segments across profiles means that you can test messages or positioning to ensure it resonates across the board.

Inspire creative development

Harness group perceptions and responses to different advertisement ideas to sharpen your creative development.

A fresh approach to market research.

Our global footprint makes us the go-to partner for international market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond.

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