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People In Research – Adhistya Febriani.

In our latest feature for the People in Research series at Kadence International, we’re thrilled to present an insightful conversation with Adhistya Febriani, Associate Research Director at our Indonesia office. Adhistya Febriani is the driving force behind many of Kadence International’s successes in Indonesia. Her journey in market research began in 2012 when she joined Kadence.  […]


Your Real Competitors Aren’t Who You Think.

Have you ever wondered why obtaining a bank loan isn’t as easy as shopping online? Or why selecting a health insurance policy isn’t as quick as booking a hotel? The modern consumer has higher expectations and is increasingly asking these questions. Brands that cater to these expectations stand to beat the competition and garner customer […]


The Essential Guide to Advertising Research.

Imagine you’re planning an ad campaign where a group of animals take on human roles in a humorous setup – think of dogs walking on two legs, dressed in business suits, holding a meeting. Drawing on charm and humour, this idea is a sure winner in your team’s eyes. However, without proper ad testing, there’s […]

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The Missing Piece in Advertising: Brand Promise.

Imagine this: half of your advertising budget going down the drain. That’s the harsh reality many brands face, especially in today’s digital age, where navigating the complexities of advertising effectiveness has become even more challenging. The emergence of online platforms and the shift toward performance marketing has further blurred the line between brand advertising and […]


Selecting the Right Data Collection Methods.

In an age where data is akin to digital gold, brands find themselves navigating an ocean of information. With an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily, the challenge for marketing professionals extends far beyond mere data acquisition; it involves discerning the right data from an overwhelming sea of information. The issue’s crux lies […]


The Future of Consumption in Singapore: Understanding 5 Key Consumer Segments.

Singapore boasts a population of over 5.45 million, with a significant proportion comprising expatriates and professionals from various corners of the world. This demographic blend presents a unique tapestry of consumer segments with distinct preferences, needs, and spending habits. Understanding these segments is not just beneficial; it’s a business imperative. In a world where personalisation […]


Leveraging Market Research to Gauge Brand Sentiment.

In 2018, Nike launched a bold advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL player known for kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. This move was a significant risk, as it could have alienated a substantial portion of Nike’s customer base. However, Nike’s decision was followed by extensive market research, which indicated […]


Unlocking Japan’s Market Potential: 5 Key Consumer Segments to Target for Growth.

Japan, characterised by its distinctive blend of traditional values and cutting-edge innovation, offers a fertile ground for brands willing to delve deep into its cultural nuances. The Japanese market, with its robust economy and a consumer base known for its discerning tastes, presents challenges and unparalleled opportunities. Understanding the diverse consumer segments within Japan is […]