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How to Conduct User Studies in an Online Environment

A successful product is one that not only looks great but also solves a real problem. Ticking off both boxes requires understanding your customers’ motivations, goals, and behaviours—and user research is the best method for gaining those insights. User studies are conducted in person traditionally, but it’s possible to accomplish the same goals in an […]


The Importance of User Studies

When designing a new product or service, or upgrading existing ones, probably the most crucial question brands can ask themselves is: What will our customers think about this?  Companies that plough ahead without undertaking relevant research up-front can sometimes miscalculate what will satisfy the users of that product or service—thereby placing their company’s prestige and […]


How to develop a market entry strategy for Singapore

Singapore has reigned supreme as a lucrative market for domestic and international businesses, and according to many economists, it is the best country to do business.  So, what makes Singapore a favourable market for international companies? Singapore’s location makes it an ideal place for foreign investments. The world’s busiest port and a pro-business environment position […]


6 market research industry trends worth watching.

Like virtually all aspects of modern life, the market research industry has undergone an explosive change in our COVID-19 pandemic era. While most of the principles of market research remain intact, brands worldwide have had to refine and modify their research methods as part of this “new reality.”  Generally speaking, market research starts with a […]

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How to segment the market for a new product

Each year, an average of 30,000 new products enter the marketplace (that’s enough to fill the average grocery store!), and 70% will fail to sustain or grow sales in the first two years.  How does a brand ensure that a new product stands out in the sea of competition? How does it increase the odds of success?  […]

User study

The 4 Main Types of User Studies

How well do you know your consumer base? Can you accurately predict how the design and function of your products will best serve your targeted audience? If the time has come to upgrade your product or service, do you have a strong sense of how your customer base will respond to these changes? These and […]


The Essential Guide to Shopper Journey Research

Every shopper embarks upon a journey when purchasing desired goods or services. That journey can differ dramatically among various types of audiences. On the other hand, certain aspects of the shopper’s journey are similar, regardless of the product or service involved. This is where organizations can benefit dramatically by mapping the customer journey. A comprehensive […]


8 Reasons Why Companies Need to Research Their International Markets

Market research is an essential activity for companies of all kinds. When entering a new local market or category, it’s crucial to do as much research as possible in a multitude of areas to ensure you’re as prepared as possible to launch a successful entry with minimal risk. When entering an international market, market research […]


9 Most Effective Methods for International Market Research

Considering expanding into an overseas market? If so, you’ll need to do international market research, and there are many different methods involved. The difference between good and bad market research can make the difference between the success and failure of your product, and this is even more true when launching in foreign markets. All the […]


Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important tasks for any business is making sure your customers are satisfied. Without customers, your business is nothing, and dissatisfied customers are unlikely to stay customers for long. There are many ways to measure how satisfied your customers are with your current products, service, and brand. This article will take a […]