Webinar: Which behaviours will stick and which will subside in a world without restrictions?

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It’s inevitable that we’ll see lasting behavioural change as a result of COVID-19. But determining which of the behaviours adopted during the pandemic will stick and which will disappear once restrictions come to an end is less clear-cut. According to a survey of CMOs by Dentsu, this is the number one challenge keeping senior marketers awake at night.

We’ll draw on the findings of a new Kadence study powered by Dynata with 3,000 consumers in 10 markets (US, UK, China, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam) to:

  • Separate the long-term trends from the short-term fads, sharing our view on the behaviours we believe will be retained post-COVID-19
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges these behavioural shifts present for brands
  • Explore which products and services will need to be adapted to see sustained behavioural change, taking inspiration from countries where new trends have taken hold
  • Provide you with the tools and an approach to predicting future behaviour that you can use in your own business

Sign up for the session in your market

  • APAC session – Tuesday 9th March – 12.30pm – India / 2pm – Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia / 3pm – Singapore, Philippines, China / 4pm – Japan
  • UK session – Tuesday 9th March – 11am
  • US session – Wednesday 10th March – 11am – Pacific Standard Time / 2pm – Eastern Time

Meet our speakers

Rupert Sinclair, Insight Director, Kadence International – UK

Rupert is an expert in consumer behaviour, with a passion for helping brands innovate. He’s a frequent conference speaker on the subject of innovation in market research, regularly sharing new techniques and technologies that are enabling brands to access previously untapped insights.

Gracie Igaya, Insight Director, Kadence International – Singapore

Gracie has extensive experience working on studies across Asia. Drawing on her excellent grasp of quantitative techniques, she works collaboratively with clients to deliver data driven insights, bringing her appreciation and understanding of different cultural nuances to interpret findings. Gracie has overseen high-profile studies across a range of industries including FMCG, government and education.