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Market entry strategy for Japan

How to Develop a Market Entry Strategy in Japan

With a GDP of $5.15 trillion, Japan is well-positioned for international expansion and offers substantial business opportunities for brands in various industries.  The country has dramatically bounced back from the disruption caused by the 2011 natural disasters, like the earthquake and the Tsunami. Japanese motor vehicles and electronics are prevalent globally. It is also among […]


How to develop a market entry strategy for Singapore

Singapore has reigned supreme as a lucrative market for domestic and international businesses, and according to many economists, it is the best country to do business.  So, what makes Singapore a favourable market for international companies? Singapore’s location makes it an ideal place for foreign investments. The world’s busiest port and a pro-business environment position […]


Can India beat China as the next manufacturing hub of the world?

Global manufacturing leaders are carefully considering the pros and cons of both. China still leads the world in manufacturing, with close to 30% of the country’s economic output coming from this sector. Many industry experts and leading economists believe that China will no longer be the manufacturing powerhouse it once was within the next five […]

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How to develop a market entry strategy for India

Why consider developing a market entry strategy for India? It’s very simple: India is a huge market. In population terms, it’s now on a par with China at around 1.3 billion people – and it’s likely to overtake its northern neighbour this decade. India is still a young country – 44% of its population is […]


What is market entry strategy?

A market entry strategy is a way of maximizing your chances of success when moving into a new market. This article looks at some of the reasons to consider moving to a new market, the differences between domestic and international markets, and some of the strategies you can use.


What is market entry?

This article provides a detailed explanation of what market entry is, as well as some of the challenges involved in market entry and how to succeed at it.