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The Definitive Guide to Gen-Z

Generation Z or Zoomers is now the largest generation with more than 2.5 billion. These individuals, born between 1997 and 2009, represent about 30% of the total global population—and it's predicted that by 2025, Gen Z will make up about 27% of the workforce. Quickly entering the consuming class, Gen Z have a unique set of wants and needs from brands. The 50+ page guide looks at how Gen Z is different from previous generations.

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The Asian Consumer: 4 Key Trends for the Next Normal

Asia's consuming class is growing, and their tastes are evolving, affording companies interested in leveraging these changes into massive growth. This report is designed for companies looking to grow their presence in Asia. It is based on the analysis of local experts across Kadence International's eight Asian offices: China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan. These countries each embody a unique national and cultural identity, including purchasing trends, consumer characteristics, and brand preferences. Here we examine what drives consumer interest and engagement in individual Asian countries and the region.

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Food and Beverage trends to watch in 2022 and beyond

Today, and perhaps in 2022 and beyond, what consumers are looking for from the food and beverage industry is very different to pre-pandemic times. New preferences and habits have formed, and so have the expectations within food and beverages. This report examines the trends that will shape the food and beverage industry in 2022 and beyond.