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How Qual-at-Scale and AI Unveil the Future of Food Trends in the UK.

Have you ever noticed how quickly food trends come and go? One moment, everyone’s into overnight oats, and then suddenly, coronation chicken and orzo become the popular choices. The food and beverage industry must understand its customers’ preferences to keep up with the pace. The insights into what consumers desire, why they make the choices […]


Money Matters: A Summary of 6 Fintech Trends Redefining Finance.

The fintech industry is a leader in innovation, focused on meeting changing consumer needs. This sector is being shaped by consumer preferences, which guide how financial services are developed, provided, and consumed. Our latest trend report, “Money Matters: 6 Fintech Trends Redefining Finance,” delves into six pivotal trends highlighting this transformative journey.  Here’s a brief […]


The Growing Influence of AI in Market Research in India.

The world is changing rapidly, and India is no exception. With its diverse consumer base, booming economy, and increasing digital penetration, the Indian market presents unique challenges and opportunities for market research. The traditional methods of gathering and analysing data are not enough anymore, especially with the massive amount of online information. This is where […]

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Bridging the divide between online and offline grocery shopping.

Do you ever feel frustrated when you know your favourite beverage is available on the store’s shelf but not on your grocery app?  As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, providing a seamless shopping experience can be challenging, but today’s shoppers expect it to be similar both online and in-store. Let’s say you’re an innovative […]


The Rising Power of Young Buyers in Southeast Asia.

Along the coast of Laguna in the Philippines, Anna, a 17-year-old student, begins her day long before sunrise to work on her small online business, a venture that started as a hobby but has grown into something promising.  Anna’s family has been farmers for generations. Still, with access to the internet,  digital tools, and e-commerce […]


The Millennial Metamorphosis: What Matters to Them in 2024.

In the brisk, bustling streets of Tokyo, a group of professionals make their way into a sleek, minimalist coffee shop. They’re not here for the millennial pink décor or even the famed avocado toast. Instead, they’re after a new kind of luxury: ethically sourced coffee, a quiet space for remote work, and the latest in […]

secondary market research

How to Perform Insightful Secondary Market Research.

Making decisions without data is like navigating without a compass. That’s where secondary market research steps in. It’s not just a backup plan; it’s a smart strategy for any brand looking to get ahead. Think of it as the detective work behind the scenes, using existing data to piece together the market puzzle. While primary […]