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10 Telltale Signs Your Brand Needs Market Research.

Every brand is akin to a ship navigating the ever-changing waves of the market. The captain of this ship, the brand leader, needs a reliable compass to ensure the journey is smooth and successful. This compass? Market research.  Now, you might argue that your intuition or experience is enough, and sometimes, it might be. But […]


The Integral Role of Focus Groups in Modern Healthcare.

Healthcare, at its core, revolves around people. From intricate surgeries to innovative health tech, the ultimate goal remains constant: improving patient outcomes. Understanding the myriad perspectives of patients and providers is central to achieving this.  Enter focus groups. More than mere conversation circles, focus groups in healthcare have become essential feedback tools that drive change. […]

snowball sampling

Snowball Sampling: Does the Network-Based Sampling Approach Work?

With many research methodologies available, a particular technique is as intriguing as its name suggests: snowball sampling. This method holds serious clout when navigating specific research situations.  But what is snowball sampling, and when is it the best choice for researchers? Understanding Snowball Sampling Snowball sampling, sometimes called chain referral sampling, is a non-probability sampling […]

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The Faces of Beauty: Eight Core Consumer Segments in the Beauty Industry.

With retail shelves brimming with products promising plumper lips, fewer wrinkles, and flawless skin, the global health, beauty, and wellness market is on track to reach an estimated seven trillion dollars. And beauty consumers are not holding back. Consumers worldwide are scouring retail and digital shelves to find legacy brands and start-ups. Everything has changed, […]


An Exploration of Sampling Methods in Qualitative Research.

Unlike its quantitative counterpart, qualitative research is not a mere collection of numbers. It is a deep dive into the uncharted waters of human behaviour, experiences, and perceptions. It peels back the layers, seeking to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind actions and beliefs.  However, its richness is not automatically derived from merely interviewing a […]


People in Research — Rupert Sinclair.

From his early days at the BBC to high-profile work with the UK Government at the National Centre for Social Research and eventually thriving in commercial research at YouGov, Rupert’s journey is both diverse and enlightening. With a decade under his belt at Kadence, he has become an instrumental figure in the company’s efforts to […]