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Unlocking Japan’s Market Potential: 5 Key Consumer Segments to Target for Growth.

Japan, characterized by its distinctive blend of traditional values and cutting-edge innovation, offers a fertile ground for brands willing to delve deep into its cultural nuances. The Japanese market, with its robust economy and a consumer base known for its discerning tastes, presents challenges and unparalleled opportunities. Understanding the diverse consumer segments within Japan is […]


Our Best Research and Trend Reports of 2023.

As we begin 2024, here’s a look at the most inspiring trend reports and research papers from 2023 and gear up for an informed start to the new year ahead. The Modern Plate. Embark on a culinary exploration with our trend report that captures the future of dining. This report unveils five key trends revolutionizing […]


Our Most Read Articles and Blogs of 2023.

As we enter 2024, it’s time to reflect on the knowledge and insights we’ve gathered over the past year. We’ve compiled a list of our most read and sought-after blog posts from 2023. Let’s revisit these highlights and see what piqued the research community’s interest the most in the past year. Everything you need to […]

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The High Cost of Invisibility: A Market Research Perspective.

A 2023 study by Digital Commerce 360 revealed a striking fact: approximately 87% of consumer journeys now start online, highlighting the pivotal role of a strong digital presence in consumer decision-making. However, many brands are yet to harness the full potential of digital visibility, especially in local markets—a gap that is costing them dearly. The […]


Beyond the Box: How Packaging Shapes Consumer Choices in the Eco-Conscious Marketplace.

A Dallas-based Coca-Cola bottler recently undertook a bold initiative, maximizing recycling within its operations and the communities it serves. It aims to reduce its carbon footprint and replenish vital watersheds. Amazon is similarly reinventing its shipping methods, from downsizing packaging to boosting the use of easily recyclable materials, all for a healthier planet and enhanced […]


B2B Market Research: A Guide to Conducting Impactful Executive Interviews.

Ever wondered what drives the decisions of top executives? Business customers face unique challenges, marked not just by an overwhelming array of options and abundant information but also by deep-seated uncertainty and stress. Traditionally, B2B sellers have viewed these customers as rational decision-makers focused on maximizing value, reducing costs, and saving time. However, recent research, […]


East Meets West: How Asian Brands Can Appeal to Western Audiences.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a captivating phenomenon: the meteoric rise of Asian cultural exports like Anime, K-beauty, K-pop, and K-drama, along with the widespread popularity of Asian cuisine and fusion food in the West. Asian brands, from skincare companies to culinary ventures, are finding a warm reception in Western markets, particularly among Gen Z, […]