Stakeholder engagement in research.

Secure buy-in to your research studies to ensure insights have lasting impact.

Stakeholder engagement in research

Managing stakeholder engagement in research and ensuring that insights go on to deliver business change can be a minefield. Stakeholder interviews and workshops are fantastic ways to overcome these challenges.

Stakeholder interviews and workshop sessions are brilliant methods for ensuring stakeholder engagement not just with your overall study, but with the insights that emerge, encouraging them to be embraced by the business.

By running interviews or workshop sessions upfront, we’re able to dig deep into the challenges your stakeholders are facing, so we can prioritize the project’s objectives, and ensure each of your stakeholders feel their voices have been heard in a structured way. In-field, we’ll provide you with updates to share with stakeholders, keeping them abreast of insights as they emerge and maintaining interest in the study. In the analysis phase, storyboarding and interim reports ensure your stakeholders engage in the nuances of our findings. Finally, in the debrief stage, we run strategic workshops to help your stakeholders understand the ‘so what’ of the research for their specific role so they’re able to act on the findings.

This targeted approach enables brands to strategize effectively and to take precise, informed actions based on our research.

We create a dynamic feedback loop that ensures your research efforts are not just accepted but actively utilized within your organization to drive informed decision-making and meaningful change.

Our approach transcends traditional methods by creating a culture of consistent stakeholder engagement. This culture breeds a collective commitment to the research and its ensuing insights, ensuring that the findings are not just understood but also championed by your stakeholders.

Our methods are designed to amplify the value of your research by fostering a sense of ownership and unity among stakeholders. By integrating their perspectives and input, we create a study that truly reflects their concerns and aspirations.

As a result, your stakeholders are not just recipients of our research but active participants and advocates for its implementation. This elevates the effectiveness of your research and maximizes its impact on your organization’s growth and success.

The impact stakeholder engagement in research can have for your business:

Guarantee stakeholder input upfront

By understanding your stakeholders and their needs, we can ensure the nuances of their challenges are fed into your study’s objectives.

Maintain stakeholder interest throughout the study

We ensure insights are shared as they evolve, feeding additional questions into the program if appropriate to ensure the findings are fit for purpose.

Ensure maximum impact of the research internally

We make sure each and every stakeholder understands the impact of our research and what it means for them so they can respond strategically to the findings.

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