Evaluation of campaign effectiveness.

Determine how effective your campaigns are to better inform your marketing strategy.

When it comes to advertising, there is so much white noise a consumer is exposed to. So, how do understand the impact and persuasive power of your advertising over others?

Our campaign effectiveness studies are designed to help you evaluate your overall ad performance by diagnosing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

We partner with you from the get-go. By collaborating with your stakeholders throughout the process, we can design our campaign effectiveness solutions so that really add value to your business – founded on strategic thinking and high-quality analysis.

The impact campaign effectiveness research can have on your business:

Enhance your marketing strategy

By pinpointing which aspects of your ads are working well as well as those that need to be enhanced, we can work with you to optimize the marketing strategy for your business.

Develop winning campaigns

By bringing teams closer to their customers, we help companies design campaigns that address critical pain points and needs.

Measure the impact on your brand

Our campaign effectiveness studies go a step further and help your business understand the impact of your ads on your brand by uncovering brand perceptions and associations.

The global boutique for data and insight

Our global footprint makes us the go-to partner for international market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond.

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Brands Exposed: What consumers want to see from your marking as they emerge from lockdown

How should you position your advertising as consumers emerge from lockdown with new expectations of brands and a different lens on marketing? In this report, we’ll share the key learnings from our proprietary study, Brands Exposed, with over 4,000 consumers across the UK, US and 8 Asian markets.

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Brands Exposed

We’re finalists for Innovation of the Year at the AURA Awards

We are absolutely thrilled to be finalists at this year’s AURA Awards for Innovation of the Year in conjunction with Asahi Europe & International. The award nomination recognizes our work using augmented reality to drive innovation in pack and concept testing. This new approach harnesses augmented reality models, built in-house by our design team, that […]

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