Understanding usage and perceptions of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to shape future comms for Mitsubishi

A quantitative survey helped Mitsubishi Motors to understand how its vehicles were being used in the real world, informing how best to position communications about the role and value of PHEVs.

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The challenge

As government targets encourage a move towards ultra-low emission vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors has been leading the charge since 2014. Its Outlander PHEV is the UK’s best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). Mitsubishi wanted to better understand how Outlander PHEV customers use and charge their vehicles to remind policy makers of the value of PHEVs as a transitional technology and to inform its future communications about the role and merits of PHEVs.

What we did

We carried out an independent online survey with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV customers. This enabled us to quantify their current usage and charging habits, as well as their perceptions of PHEVs and future consideration of electrified vehicles.

The impact of the research

The research allowed Mitsubishi to better understand Outlander PHEV customers’ usage habits, particularly in terms of regular charging and use of the vehicle in pure electric mode which contributes to cleaner air and lower CO2 emissions. Exploring the future consideration of electrified vehicles has also helped Mitsubishi to inform its communications and generate PR coverage – emphasizing the role PHEVs can play both in the short-term, and as a segue to a pure electric future. This is particularly important within the context of the UK government’s ‘Road to Zero Emissions’ strategy by 2035.

Kadence helped us not only conduct a thorough and insightful piece of research, its interpretation of the data provided many useful and unexpected good-news stories that we were able to use in our communications and interactions with government bodies.

General Manager PR -Internal Communications & Government Affairs
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