Establishing a pan-Asian Financial Health Index for GoBear

A collaborative and consultative qualitative & quantitative approach helped GoBear establish a Financial Health Index in key markets, thereby expanding its brand value beyond the current positioning.


The challenge

GoBear as a business entity was focused on providing consumers with comparative information on financial products (e.g. travel insurance), but it wants to expand its scope outside of that and establish stronger financial credibility for its brand. Part of that strategy involves coming up with a Financial Health Index, which attempts to track how financially ‘healthy’ consumers are in various parts of Asia. It is believed that effectively creating the Financial Health Index and tracking it year-on-year is an effective branding strategy to achieve stronger credibility.

What we did

We worked with GoBear to carry out a multiphase study across 4 key markets (Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand). On top of carrying out a detailed online survey with 1,000 respondents in each of the markets, we also interviewed financial experts to thoroughly understand the individual pillars that make up the Financial Health Index -literacy, security, inclusion – what each factor means, and how they influence each other. After collecting the data, we also worked with the individual markets to help them understand the findings, such that they may craft market-relevant PR angles, so the content of the releases has greater resonance.

The impact of the research

The study resulted in GoBear owning the topic of financial health in the region, especially within the markets surveyed, thus achieving the intended goal of pivoting the brand and building awareness for it. The insights also generated more press coverage than the sum of all their competitors combined.

We knew from the start that the inaugural GoBear Financial Health Index was going to need the right research partner to realize our vision. This team needed a curious mind, sharp analysis, as well as the willingness to roll up their sleeves and get hands on with us. Kadence International has proven to be that partner and the study’s success has exceeded my expectations. I am excited to see future iterations of the study with them by our side.

Vice President – Marketing
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