In-depth interviews (IDI market research).

Engage with consumers and clients one-on-one to access detailed and nuanced insights.

IDI market research in depth interview

By truly understanding your customers, you’re able to develop strategies that deliver on their needs.

Whether your focus is on B2B or B2C studies, our IDI research approach enables us to engage with individuals on a one-to-one basis, providing an intimate environment to uncover rich insights and explore customer needs, pain points, and perspectives within the context of your brand.

Perfect for both B2B and B2C studies, we conduct IDI market research that allows you to build a deep understanding of your customers and clients. By engaging people on a one-to-one basis, we’re able to uncover rich insights and explore customer needs, pain points and views within the context of your brand.

We can arrange and conduct in-depth interviews face-to-face, over a video call, or on the telephone. Absolutely vital to an effective IDI program is a carefully crafted discussion guide, tailored to specific audiences, and structured to deliver the deepest set of insights. Skilled interviewers also play a crucial role in the success of any IDI project. That’s why all Kadence IDIs are conducted by trained specialists in this field with the analytical skills to dig deep and uncover meaningful insights that your business can act upon.

To ensure the success of our IDI programs, we offer flexibility in conducting interviews. Whether it’s face-to-face, over a video call, or on the telephone, we adapt to the preferences and convenience of participants. Additionally, our expert team works closely with you to develop a carefully crafted discussion guide tailored to specific target audiences.

The role of skilled interviewers is paramount in achieving the objectives of any IDI project. At Kadence International, all our IDIs are conducted by trained specialists with the expertise and analytical skills to dig deep and uncover actionable insights. Our interviewers have a keen ability to facilitate open and honest conversations, ensuring that participants feel comfortable and willing to share their thoughts and experiences.

At Kadence International, we uncover profound customer insights, empower strategic decision-making, and drive business growth. Our tailored approach, experienced interviewers, and meticulous attention to detail guarantee you will receive the most valuable and actionable insights to impact your business success.

The impact IDI market research can have for your business:

Get closer to your customers

By directly engaging with your customers, you’re able to better understand and respond to their needs.

Build a detailed and nuanced view of how you can better meet market demands

By understanding the context that surrounds client and customer needs, you can optimize your offering to ensure it outperforms the competition.

Put your customers at the heart of your business strategy

The rich insights we uncover through IDI market research can be a powerful input to strategy development.

The global boutique for data and insight

Our global footprint makes us the go-to partner for international market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond.

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