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What are the benefits of market segmentation?

Market segmentations studies are powerful tools for businesses. They help organizations divide up the market into distinct segments that share specific attributes. The business can then focus on the most lucrative of these market segments. Segmentations can guide everything from marketing to product development right through to identifying new market opportunities. In this article we […]

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What is top-down market sizing?

How do you calculate your market size and the serviceable obtainable market?? This is a crucial part of any business plan, allowing you to gain a clear idea of how many customers you can potentially reach and how much revenue you can generate. This allows you to make more concrete plans and secure budget and […]


What is market segmentation and why does it matter?

In today’s globally connected world, every product has a potentially vast market. Trying to target everyone in this market with the same materials, approaches, and techniques would be crazy — people are too varied and different to respond to the same marketing message. So how do you ensure your marketing connects effectively with as many […]


What is qualitative research?

In the world of market research, we can only get so far by relying on hard, numerical data. Hard metrics like (generated from quantitative research) are extremely useful and should form a core part of any business strategy. But they only tell part of the overall story. To dig deeper and gain a fuller picture […]