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How to conduct online research in the Philippines

According to Digital 2020, a report produced by We Are Social and Hootsuite, Filipinos spend the most time online and on social media of any country. Despite the Philippines lagging behind in terms of connection speed, Filipinos spend an average of 9 hours and 45 minutes a day on the internet across any device. According […]


What does the future of work look like as we adapt to a new normal?

This week marks a change in the focus on many news outlets and governments. From protection, to productivity – as leaders grapple with the challenge of getting economies moving again. There is more confidence around some countries approach and communication (New Zealand) than others (UK, US – looking at you!). However, in all situations there […]

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Navigating the New Normal … Now

In times gone by (which, despite feeling like years ago, I only mean the start of 2020!) if you were in the UK, and making small talk, you would reference the weather. In Singapore, you would ask “have you taken breakfast?” But there is now a new form of small talk. At the start of […]


Communicating effectively from a distance: 5 best practices in socialising insights through your business

Widespread remote working is creating obstacles in multiple forms for today’s teams, from productivity to technology to social connections.  The common thread running through this is maximising online communication. Visual storytelling through video is one of the most effective forms of online communication. Our brain processes information 60,000 faster when it is shared in video […]