How can brands cater to the growing population of adult cannabis consumers?

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Cannabis talk in the US media is unavoidable these days as changing legislation and recreational dispensaries continue to open up across selected states in the country.  How can companies outside the cannabis space take advantage of this growing trend? Our research with over 2,000 US consumers sought to understand this new opportunity for brands.

One-in-five (20%) adults nationwide report they have used cannabis in the last 12 months. Of those, two-thirds (66%) consume regularly (at least once a week). While two thirds tell us that consuming cannabis has not changed their social life in any way, 17% are staying home more and 8% say they are going out more. 

Ultimately, this opens up a variety of opportunities for marketers to offer products and services that are tailored to the needs of this group. Meal kit delivery companies could make “dinner party boxes” suited to a night in with friends. Game makers could create games that facilitate creativity and fun. Netflix or Amazon could offer content particularly suited for cannabis-influenced viewers. And clearly, snack makers could have a field day.

In the survey, adults were asked whether they would prefer to consume cannabis or alcohol while doing different popular activities. While clubbing and hosting a dinner party are more likely paired with alcohol, for many other pastimes, cannabis wins.  At home, watching TV/ movies, doing chores, playing board games and socializing with family and friends are all activities where cannabis is preferred.  Going to the movies or to watch live music are also events where adults would prefer cannabis.  A host of other activities are decidedly not alcohol activities, but may be considered “cannactivities” – yoga, gardening, outdoor activities, going to the spa, cultural events and reading.  See the table below for details.

How can your business take advantage of this fast-growing industry? Download the full research report to learn more.

“For each of the following, would you rather do this activity while consuming cannabis, drinking beverages containing alcohol, or neither?”