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Market segmentation for FMCG products – the ultimate guide

Segmenting your market is incredibly important if you want to achieve success in any industry. It has many benefits, from improved marketing to making it easier to expand your offerings. FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) are no exception. In fact, there are many reasons why market segmentation for FMCG products is sometimes even more important in […]


How to develop a market entry strategy for India

Why consider developing a market entry strategy for India? It’s very simple: India is a huge market. In population terms, it’s now on a par with China at around 1.3 billion people – and it’s likely to overtake its northern neighbor this decade. India is still a young country – 44% of its population is […]

Stormy waters

How to approach segmentation in uncertain times – video

Segmentations are powerful tools for any business. But right now, at a time where we’re seeing extremes of behavior – from lockdowns in some markets to a roaring twenties style reopening in others, how should you be approaching your segmentation? We’ve brought together segmentation experts from across Kadence to share their top tips. In this […]

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Health and wellness trends for 2021 and beyond

The global health and wellness industry is booming. Already a top priority for consumers before the pandemic, health and wellness have come into even sharper focus, with the industry undergoing significant transformation in response to Covid. Our report explores 4 trends brands need to watch in 2021 and beyond.


Design meets insight – a day with the global design team at Kadence

At Kadence we believe insights must be communicated clearly in order to generate maximum impact. We also believe that demonstrating the value of these insights, and embedding them across stakeholder groups, is vital. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on producing design output that is easily and effectively shared across organizations to inform, add […]