Market sizing.

Understand the size of the sales opportunity in an existing or new market.

Market Sizing

Devising a successful growth strategy requires an understanding of how big a certain market might be, and how much of it you can win.

No two market sizing studies are the same. We partner with businesses to develop a bespoke approach that builds on the latest and most accurate company information so you can understand the ROI on any strategy.

Through a combination of reviewing existing literature, desk research, key opinion leader interviews as well as digital and on-the-ground data collection we build up a rich databank for analysis. From this, we can help you identify:

  • How big the overall universe is (Total Addressable Market – TAM)
  • How much of that you can reach through your sales channels (Served Available Market – SAM)
  • The percentage of the SAM that you can realistically reach (Serviceable Obtainable Market -SOM)

Establishing the SOM accurately is what will lead to the most reliable strategies being realized. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your capabilities (distribution networks, pricing models, repeat purchase potential etc) so that we can calculate the potential for your business.

The impact market sizing research can have on your business:

Enter new markets with confidence

Before allocating significant resources to enter a new market or territory, establishing the sales potential will allow you to create business plans that can set you up for success.

Execute successful product launches

New product developments and innovations are expensive endeavors. Establishing which concepts or attributes are most likely to sell can reduce R&D spend and make the process more efficient.

Understand how to compete

Establishing the size of a market, and the share occupied by your competitors will allow you to identify if you’re falling behind or leading the pack.

The global boutique for data and insight

Our global footprint makes us the go-to partner for international market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond.

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