Statement of Applicability – Kadence United Kingdom

Kadence International is a worldwide market research agency, delivering research services to clients across the world.

Kadence has elected to including sampling, fieldwork, self completion, data management and processing services to be attested to this document in accordance with Annexes A, B, E and F, and to exclude Physical and Digital observation (Annex C and D) from attestation. Details of Kadence attested annexes are described as follows:

Sampling, including access panels
A.1 General  A.2 Sampling A.4 Non-probability samplesA.3 Probability samples A.4.5 Sampling automation A.5 Access panelsKadence International offers sampling services for client supplied sample, and subcontracted all sampling services for non client supplied sample. Kadence does not conduct fieldwork that A.3 requires a random probability sample, A.4.5 conduct automated sampling and do not A.5 access to panels.
B.1 General B.4 Project briefing B.6 Qualitative data collection B.7.2.1 Checking of data records B.8 Client reporting for fieldwork methodologies B.2 Management, recruitment, and training of fieldworkers B.3 Fieldworker identity document (ID) B.5 Telephone data collection/CATI  B.7 Validation of data exclude B.7.2.1 Checking of data recordsKadence International subcontract all CATI and face to face fieldwork services to subcontractors (B.5). Some qualitative fieldworks such as in-depth interviews or moderating focus groups are conducted and managed in-house. Fieldworker management (B.2 and B.3) and validation of respondent identity (B.7) is completed by the subcontracted providers. Kadence International do complete interview quality controls (B.7.2.1).
Physical observation


Kadence International does not provide this service.
Digital observation
NoneAllKadence International does not provide this service.
Self completion
AllNoneOnline Qualitative communities/ diaries and Quantitative surveys. Recruitment processes will be subcontracted, data collection via in house research team.
Data management and processing
F.1 General F.4 Coding F.5 Data editing exclude F.5.1 Pre-entry data editing F.6 Data file management F.7 Data analysis F.8 Data file managementF.2 Hard copy data entry  F.3 Accuracy of databases not requiring manual data entry F.5.1 Pre-entry data editingServices include data processing, data tabulation, coding open responses, application of statistics and advance analytics analysis. Kadence International conduct data management and processing service in house. Coding and data tabulation services may subcontracted. Kadence does not undertake hard copy data entry or data collection, maintain any databases that do not require data entry and pre-entry data editing.

Authorized by: Cindi Collett

Date: February 2024