Statement of Applicability – Kadence Philippines

Kadence Philippines is a global research agency providing full-service market research services.

Kadence Philippines delivers research services to commercial and social organizations, and government agencies throughout the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and across multiple countries.

Kadence Philippines has elected to include Research teams 1-4, Sampling, Online and Face to Face Fieldwork, Coding and Data Processing attested to ISO 20252:2019 in accordance with Annexes A, B, E, and F. Kadence Philippines has elected to exclude Annexes C and D from attestation. Details of Kadence Philippines attested annexes are described as follows:

AnnexAssigned PersonnelAttestedExcludedExplanation
Annex A – Sampling including access panelsMary Ann LamigoA.1 General A.2 Sampling A.3 Probability samples A.4 Non-probability samplesA.4.3 Sample duplication, device ID, cookies, and similar objects A.4.5 Sampling automation A.5 Access panels (outsourced)A.4.3 Sample duplication is being done by panel partners A.4.5 We do not conduct automated sampling A.5. Panel partners not certified
Annex B – FieldworkKarlo Angelo LazaroB.1 General B.2 Management, recruitment, and training of fieldworkers B.3 Fieldworker identity document (ID) B.4 Project briefing B.5 Telephone data collection/CATI B.6 Qualitative data collection B.7 Validation of data B.8 Client reporting for fieldwork methodologiesB.6.2 Qualitative participant recruitment (For nationwide only) B.6.4 Qualitative moderation (With industry specialization) B.5.3 Predictive dialing and silent calls  B.6.2 Fieldwork partners not certified B.6.4 Fieldwork partners not certified B.5.3 Not conducted  
Annex C – Physical observation NoneAllNot conducted
Annex D – Digital observation NoneAllNot conducted
Annex E – Self completionMary Ann LamigoE.1 General E.2 Data collection E.3 Validation of self-completionE.1.d Touch-tone data entry E.1.e Voice recognition entry E.1.f Postal researchThese three methodologies are not conducted
Annex F – Data management and processingMary Ann LamigoF.1 General F.4 Coding F.5 Data editing F.6 Data file management F.7 Data analysis F.8 Data file managementF.2 Hard copy data entry F.3 Accuracy of databases not requiring manual data entry F.5.1 Pre-entry data editing F.5.2 Post-entry data editingThese four processes are not conducted

Authorized by: Iris Marie Lorenzo, Managing Director

Date: August 1, 2022