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Why Every Market Researcher Should Think Like a Data Scientist.

What would happen if market researchers borrowed a lens from data science?  The traditional tools of market research are fast becoming quaint relics. The old methods of garnering consumer insights and market trends are increasingly seen as mere snapshots that lack the dynamic and predictive capabilities essential in today’s business environment.  This evolving scenario beckons […]


From Data to Value: Market Research’s Role in Sculpting Brand Equity.

When Nike launched its “Dream Crazy” campaign a few years ago, fronted by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the immediate aftermath saw a barrage of opinions, both in favor and against the campaign. But what surprised many was that despite the initial uproar, Nike’s stock climbed, eventually reaching an all-time high. The reason? Nike’s deep […]


Stay or Stray? Decoding Customer Loyalty Through Market Insights.

Customer loyalty is critical in today’s fiercely competitive market. This is because acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one, according to the Harvard Business Review. But the dynamics of loyalty are not etched in stone; they are fluid, influenced by an ever-evolving market and ever-changing customer preferences. Herein […]


Green or Mean? The Art of Authentic Eco-Branding.

Ever conscious of their carbon footprint, consumers are now wearing the cape of eco-warriors. They demand transparency, despise falsehoods, and yearn for brands that don’t just wear the green badge but also embody its spirit. We find ourselves amidst a green revolution, where buying a product is no longer a mere transaction but an ethical […]

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Disappearing Acts: Why Customers Ghost and How to Win Them Back.

We’ve all heard tales from the dating world about “ghosting”—that sudden, inexplicable silence from someone who seemed genuinely interested just days, if not hours, ago. It’s a modern phenomenon, a product of our digital age, where ending a relationship can be as simple as hitting the ‘mute’ button. But while ghosting might be associated primarily […]


A Summary of our latest report: The Modern Plate: Five Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s Dining Experience.

Our latest report, “The Modern Plate,” closely examines the five defining culinary trends that transcend the traditional dining experience.  The report is a comprehensive look at emerging dining trends and reveals how technology, health, sustainability, and global flavors are reshaping how we think about food.  This summary offers a taste of the transformative trends in […]


People in Research: Karl Wagner.

In a world where data is the new currency, professionals who can navigate its complex channels are invaluable. Among these experts is Karl Wagner, our Global Head of Data Management. With a presence in ten countries, we require a data maestro to harmonize diverse data streams, ensuring quality, consistency, and compliance across borders. Karl has […]


Revving Up Innovation: The Surge of Electric Vehicles in Global Markets.

In the early 21st century, the automotive world witnessed a game-changing figure: a staggering 10 million electric vehicles (EVs) traversed roads worldwide by the end of 2020, as the International Energy Agency reported. While this number might have been unthinkable a mere decade ago, it has quickly become a testament to humanity’s increasing pivot towards […]