Ultimately, research is commissioned, not only for the data itself but for the action it can ignite. Maximize your investment in research with workshops that harness insight as a catalyst for change.

We work with companies to run workshops, and to provide workshop training, so you can capitalize on the insights that have emerged from your research and realize new opportunities for your business.

Our workshops take research data in all its forms and translate it into a roadmap for the future, with clear actions to make this a reality. By bringing your stakeholders together and uniting them around a common objective, our workshops will help you get the most value out of your research investment.

Our workshops are meticulously designed and tailored to your business needs and research outcomes. We understand that each business is unique, as are the insights derived from your research. Thus, our approach must be adaptive and flexible to ensure maximum relevance and value.

Whether it’s identifying market trends, analyzing customer behavior, or pinpointing areas of improvement, our workshops provide the guidance and structure necessary to make sense of the data.

With clear action plans and specific targets as our end goal, our workshops facilitate the transition from abstract insights to concrete strategies.

We guide your stakeholders through this process, ensuring that every step, from data interpretation to strategic planning, is well understood and aligned with your business objectives. This way, our workshops not only bring clarity but also foster a sense of shared ownership and commitment among your stakeholders.

In addition to conducting workshops, we also offer workshop training services. We believe that building internal capacity is crucial for sustainable growth, and our training sessions aim to equip your team with the tools and techniques required to effectively interpret research data and translate it into actionable plans. These hands-on training sessions are practical, immersive, and designed to empower your team to lead future workshops independently.

Finally, we place a strong emphasis on post-workshop follow-ups and evaluations. We offer continued support to ensure the effective implementation of the strategies devised during the workshops and to assist with any challenges that may arise. This holistic approach ensures that you derive the most value from your research investment and keeps your brand on the right trajectory toward growth and success.

Our workshops and training services are designed to be a catalyst for change and innovation in your organization. By converting research data into actionable insights, we provide a pathway for your business to realize new opportunities and make the most of your research investment.

The impact activation workshops can have on your business:

Identify new business opportunities

Workshops are a great way to explore blue sky thinking and pinpoint potential opportunities for your business.

Align on common goals and objectives to drive future strategy

By bringing people together and giving them chance to voice opinions and ideas openly, workshops can help you find common ground and a clear path forward.

Harmonize the next steps across agencies

Workshops allow you bring together different agencies and stakeholders and outline the workflow and next steps across multiple organizations and individuals.

The global boutique for data and insight

Our global footprint makes us the go-to partner for international market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond.

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How to run workshops that turn insight into action

How do you ensure that the research you commission moves your company to action, creating competitive advantage and growth for your business?  In our free guide we share our top tips for preparing and running an effective workshop, as well as practical workshop exercises that you can take away, apply to your business and use to ensure that your research really does drive business change.

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