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2024 market trends

15 Consumer Trends to Watch in 2024.

The ability to anticipate and adapt to emerging trends sets market leaders apart. As we approach 2024, the consumer world is pivoting at an unprecedented rate, influenced by technological advancements, global socio-economic shifts, and a collective reevaluation of values and priorities post-pandemic. For brands, an in-depth understanding of these emerging trends is crucial. It’s no […]


Beyond Likes and Shares: Harnessing the Power of Social Media Insights.

How can brands tap into the world’s biggest focus group — the global population constantly interacting on social media and sharing their brand experiences online?  While social listening, the practice of monitoring and analyzing online conversations about a brand, industry, or product,  and traditional research methods deliver strategic and tactical insights, unlike conventional research, social […]

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People In Research – Vincent Yabor.

In our latest feature for the People in Research series at Kadence International, we’re thrilled to present an insightful conversation with Vincent “Vinny” Yabor, Junior Data Scientist at our Americas office. Vinny’s story is not your typical career trajectory. His journey from a prospective career in Math Education to the dynamic world of data science […]


Beyond Tradition: The Evolution of Consumerism in Japan.

Japan, the world’s third-largest consumer market after the U.S. and China, offers cultural insights that trace their roots deep into history. As articulated in “Japanese Consumer Dynamics,” the interplay between swift periods of growth and resilient responses to crises has been pivotal in shaping Japan’s consumption habits. These patterns have both influenced and been influenced […]


The Gen X Factor: Unraveling the Global Marketplace’s Best-Kept Secret.

Generation X often finds itself sandwiched between the much-discussed Baby Boomers and the digital natives of the Millennial generation. Born between 1965 and 1980, Gen X comprises individuals who have witnessed a unique blend of socio-political and technological revolutions. Currently, they represent approximately 25% of the global population, a significant portion impossible for marketers to […]


Cultivating Connections: Winning the Hearts of Hispanic Audiences.

With a staggering 496 million native Spanish speakers worldwide and 595 million individuals who communicate in Spanish globally, this linguistic and cultural tapestry paints a vivid picture of the Hispanic influence on a global scale. Spanish is not only the second most spoken language in the world, trailing only behind Chinese, but it also ranks […]