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Taste of chocolate around Asia

Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry – a fact that comes as no surprise. Everyone loves chocolate; but does everyone like the same kind of chocolate? With hundreds of chocolate brands competing for market share in the world, Kadence conducted some research to understand how our taste for chocolate changes around the region. Kadence asked […]


What does a post-factual world mean for research?

A few years ago, Ralph Keyes coined the term ‘post-truth era’, suggesting that we have reached a stage when the weight and impact of facts and the truth are losing ground. Instead an emotional appeal, personal beliefs and opinions can have more gravitas and impact. It is true that social media, alternative media and satirical […]


Is it time for research to diversify?

It seems, at times, that the research industry is tripping over itself to clarify what it should be called and what is within the realms of research and what isn’t. As every new methodology or capability is introduced it causes the research industry to take another look at itself and try and decide exactly what […]