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Navigating the UK’s Consumer Landscape: Millennials to Retirees, Who Wants What?

The significance of understanding diverse consumer segments in the United Kingdom’s consumer market cannot be overstated. The UK, a unique amalgamation of cultures and preferences spanning England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, presents a dynamic landscape for marketers and brands.  Recent data from the Office for National Statistics highlights that consumer spending in the UK […]

Karlo Angelo Lazaro, Market Researcher Philippines

People In Research – Karlo Angelo Lazaro.

Step into the world of Karlo Angelo Lazaro, the dynamic Project Manager at Kadence International’s Philippines office. With a career marked by evolution and resilience, Karlo brings a unique blend of experience and passion to market research.  From navigating data analysis to leading groundbreaking projects, his journey shows the transformative power of dedication and curiosity […]


Unraveling Filippino Purchase Behavior.

In the heart of Southeast Asia lies the Philippines, a nation where purchasing decisions are as vibrant and complex as its archipelago of over 7,000 islands. Home to over 100 million people, this market is shaped by a unique blend of cultural depth, economic growth, and technological integration, where traditional and modern shopping habits intertwine.  […]

beauty-brands and Gen z and Gen Alpha

How Legacy Beauty Brands Adapt to Win Over Gen Z.

Gen Z and Alphas, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, are wielding unprecedented influence over market trends, challenging legacy beauty brands to rethink their strategies and embrace a new era of authenticity and purpose. Latest findings spotlight Gen Z as a powerhouse in the US economy, pouring a whopping $143 billion into the […]

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The Rise of Neobanks and the Impact on Traditional Banking.

There is a new kid on the financial block. Neobanks are brand new players challenging traditional banking models that have dominated for decades. Defined as digital-only, mobile-first financial institutions, neobanks are disrupting the banking scene with their innovative approaches to financial services.  Understanding Neobanks Neobanks, challenger banks, or digital banks are financial institutions that operate […]


The Fintech Boom in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia has emerged as a global frontrunner in fintech adoption, setting the stage for a transformative shift in the region’s financial services.  The trend can be attributed to various factors, including a sizable, tech-savvy population, burgeoning e-commerce and digital payments ecosystems, widespread mobile internet connectivity, and proactive government support. These elements have propelled Southeast […]

The Green Brand

The Green Brand Report: A Summary. 

Our latest market research study, The Green Brand, offers key insights into how eco-conscious adults view and respond to sustainability across major global regions. This research is a must-read for brands looking to tap into the growing interest in environmental responsibility. Who We Studied We focused on adults aged 18 and up in key areas: […]


The Evolution of the Vietnamese Consumer in 2024.

Vietnam is experiencing the peak of its demographic dividend, boasting a sizable youthful population —the driving force behind its consumer class. McKinsey & Company forecasts an additional 36 million individuals joining the consuming class by 2030, signaling a surge in disposable income and purchasing power. Projections indicate that more than half of Vietnam’s population will […]


Is there such a thing as too much market research?

Consider this: A recent study revealed that marketing leaders utilize only 58% of their available data when making decisions. This statistic highlights the abundance of data and underscores a critical conundrum – the gap between data collection and data utilization. In a world awash with information, the real challenge lies not in acquiring more data […]