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Which behaviors will stick and which will subside in a world without restrictions? Report.

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Which behaviors will stick?

Which behaviors will stick and which will subside in a world without restrictions?

It’s inevitable that we’ll see lasting behavioural change as a result of COVID-19. But determining which of the behaviours adopted during the pandemic will stick and which will disappear once restrictions come to an end is less clear-cut. According to a survey of CMOs by Dentsu, this is the number one challenge keeping senior marketers awake at night.

This report draws on the findings of a new Kadence study powered by Dynata with 3,000 consumers in 10 markets (China, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, the UK and the US) to:

  • Separate the long-term trends from the short-term fads, revealing the behaviours we believe will be retained post-COVID-19
  • Shine a line on the opportunities and challenges these behavioural shifts present for brands
  • Determine which products and services will need to be adapted to see sustained behavioural change, taking inspiration from countries where new trends have taken hold
  • Provide you with the tools and an approach to predicting future behaviour that you can use in your own business

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