Account Manager – Singapore Office

Account Manager - Singapore Office

Who we are
Kadence International is a global market research agency with a radically personal approach. Our research, marketing and business strategy are based on our core values of Curiosity, Dependability, Futuristic, Genuine and Agile. Our client base includes many of the world’s top multi-national businesses from a variety of industries


Our Vision

Kadence aims to raise the impact of market research in the region by delivering on four key areas:

An Engaged Team  
In order to generate the impact in the industry that we desire, we have to start with the right people. Our team is our most unique selling point, and we recognize without highly engaged, empowered staff, capable of establishing enduring relationships with clients, we will not achieve our mission  
Collaborative Mindset  
Kadence does not simply recycle the ‘same old method’ for every client. We take the time, care and attention to ensure we understand all of our client’s business issues & objectives before designing a bespoke approach  
Communication Philosophy  
In order for our research to reach the decision-makers who will take action on it – it must be communicated in a clear and engaging manner.  Our communication philosophy builds on our knowledge of the academic theory behind visual attention: minimal words, visual harmony, connected stories and relatable ideas  
Bring a Catalyst for Action  
We think that reports should not be the end of our involvement in a project.   We believe that an interactive learning workshop is the best way to ensure everyone buys into the research.  Thus, as much as possible, we run workshops and discussions to ensure that the research findings can be converted into action points.  


Essential Personality Traits

Kadence employees are expected to embody the following characteristics…

Curious Creative Communicative Collaborative Proactive Productive


Office Culture

We want our office to deliver on four key ambitions…

We want every day to be different, challenging and interesting. Avoiding the routine and the monotonous, so that we can gain experience in a wide range of projects and clients, exposing us to more situations that we can learn from so we become more well-rounded
We want you to be able to express your ideas, thoughts and innovations without any prejudice, bias or agenda from anyone else in the office so that we create a company of entrepreneurs striving to find the best way to delight our clients
We want everyone to connect with the working environment, the people around them and the activities that they’re doing so that we provide the most stimulating and engaging experience for you
We want to make sure that you know our company goals and what we are doing to achieve them so that we are all connected to a common goal and can see how our individual efforts contribute to the wider team’s effectiveness


Summary of Your Responsibilities

Your main focus at Kadence will be to…

As Account Manager, you will be responsible for business development for the office.


Detailed Responsibilities

Your role at Kadence will primarily encompass the following:

  • Responsible for targeting ‘cold’ prospect accounts (not worked with for at least 24 months) – and using our value propositions and experience to generate compelling sales stories for them.
  • Has a clear understanding of the financial and commercial implications of the work that is sold in.
  • Identify key decision-makers within organizations, maintain relationships and understand dynamics and mechanics between contact and their key stakeholders.
  • Leverage existing resources to maximize client outreach opportunities.
  • Demonstrates a good understanding of the client’s business in general and their strategic marketing issues in particular. Identifies client decision-makers.
  • Uses case study directory to develop and build proposals (in conjunction with a wider team for Insight projects) and client documents. – move to account manager,
  • Keeps account records (Salesforce) up to date with all activities.
  • Works with the wider business development team in Singapore (and beyond) to actively promote the culture, thinking and positioning of Kadence Singapore in the market.


You will be reporting to the Country Manager by way of Line Management but working with the wider Senior Leadership team in the process of sales/lead generation


Key criteria we’re seeking

We are looking for the right person who displays the following characteristics:

  • Minimal five years of experience in a sales-oriented role
  • Experience in Market Research methodologies (qual or quant) advantageous but not critical
  • A current portfolio of clients is preferred but not mandatory
  • Demonstratable approach/method and process around lead generation, nurturing, conversion, and account/client relationship maintenance
  • Independent, resourceful, tenacious
  • Communicative and collaborative working style


Our package

While specifics of the package will be discussed in detail, in relation to demonstrated capabilities, this is what you can expect from working at Kadence in your role:

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • A company that prioritizes professional growth
  • A teamwork-first culture ensures everyone’s set up for success in their respective roles.
  • Flat hierarchy, open communications
  • A positive work environment that values diversity and inclusion