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What are the shifts in business and brand values in the economic reopening? Insights from new research with Bloomberg

Since the onset of the pandemic we’ve been working with Bloomberg to understand the priorities, actions and attitudes of business decision makers across APAC. Take a look at the infographic for the key insights from our latest wave including: 69% of companies foresee adopting a hybrid model post-pandemic with a mix of in-office and work-from-home […]


5 reasons why concept testing is important

Marketing textbooks are littered with examples of products or services which flopped when they hit the market.  Take Juicero, in which investors pumped a staggering $120 million – all for a wi-fi connected juice maker which nobody had indicated they wanted or needed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was scrapped within two years.  Or ESPN’s mobile phone […]

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5 examples of how to test product concepts

Before they reach the target market, products or services always start off as unproven ideas. But in order to avoid costly failures, businesses need to understand whether or not they’ll be a hit with consumers. Concept testing is the process of using qualitative or quantitative research in order to test your ideas ahead of launch. […]

How to use online concept testing to evaluate new ideas

So you have a number of exciting concept ideas but you’re not sure which to take into further development? This is where conducting online concept testing comes in. Online concept testing is the process of evaluating product ideas with consumers prior to their introduction to the market. It can include both quantitative and qualitative research, […]

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What is a central location test?

What is a central location test? Essentially, it’s a way of carrying out product market research that’s done in a controlled environment, not in the participant’s home. In this way, it differs from methods like online surveys or online communities. Sometimes, central location tests are referred to as “hall tests”. The main reason to use […]